Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why Every Person Should Develop Creative Thinking Skills

Why Every Person Should Develop Creative Thinking Skills

Whether you personally believe it or not, we are all creative by nature. Every last one of us. Think back to when you were a child and there will lay all the proof you need to realize this simple fact.
The problem is that creative thinking is something that’s not emphasized or developed enough in secondary education. It’s encouraged in primary school, but slowly discouraged later on as you are taught to follow instruction instead.
The irony here is that creative thinking is one of the most important skills that you will ever develop in your life and it’s one of the only things that humans will ever have a monopoly on. No animal or supercomputer can compare to the human capability of creative thinking.

Creative thinking is a critical life skill and it’s the byproducts of creative thinking that make it such an important skill worth developing.

Creative thinking helps in ALL areas of your life.
To illustrate, let’s look at one component of your life, namely work as it takes up a majority of your time to show this simple fact.

One of the Most Important Cross Marketable Skills
Creativity will ALWAYS be in demand, regardless of what industry you’re working in. It’s cross marketable and if you’ve developed your creative thinking skills to a point where you can draw upon it at any time, it’s one of those things that will give you the edge that really differentiates yourself from other people.
If you think about it, most jobs out there are “systemized”, meaning that each person is trained to engage in repetitive activity. Businesses want to profit and in order to profit, they have to develop efficient systems where each worker is doing their part well and in order to do their part well, they must be constantly executing roughly the same set of procedures.
Anybody can execute a given set of procedures with training, but it takes creative thinking to generate what that procedure should be in the first place. Because of that, developing creative thinking skills is one of the quickest ways to get to the top of your respective field because instead of following procedure, you initiate and create it.
For example, let’s say you have an office job of doing repetitive things such as data entry, making copies, running errands etc., and as you’re working, you notice some ways on how you can improve and automate procedures to get things done quicker to save the company time and money.
By utilizing your creative thinking, you can present those ideas and more often than not, if approved by management, YOU will be the one initiating and creating a new set of procedures to follow.
So instead of following the repetitive system that was laid before you, you lead thanks to your creative thinking. You implement your ideas and as you do, you start to absorb new knowledge and experiences that will help you further down the road. You start separating yourself from other people and what this does is it starts to open a whole new set of opportunities.

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