Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why Every Person Should Develop Creative Thinking Skills

Why Every Person Should Develop Creative Thinking Skills

Whether you personally believe it or not, we are all creative by nature. Every last one of us. Think back to when you were a child and there will lay all the proof you need to realize this simple fact.
The problem is that creative thinking is something that’s not emphasized or developed enough in secondary education. It’s encouraged in primary school, but slowly discouraged later on as you are taught to follow instruction instead.
The irony here is that creative thinking is one of the most important skills that you will ever develop in your life and it’s one of the only things that humans will ever have a monopoly on. No animal or supercomputer can compare to the human capability of creative thinking.

Creative thinking is a critical life skill and it’s the byproducts of creative thinking that make it such an important skill worth developing.

Creative thinking helps in ALL areas of your life.
To illustrate, let’s look at one component of your life, namely work as it takes up a majority of your time to show this simple fact.

One of the Most Important Cross Marketable Skills
Creativity will ALWAYS be in demand, regardless of what industry you’re working in. It’s cross marketable and if you’ve developed your creative thinking skills to a point where you can draw upon it at any time, it’s one of those things that will give you the edge that really differentiates yourself from other people.
If you think about it, most jobs out there are “systemized”, meaning that each person is trained to engage in repetitive activity. Businesses want to profit and in order to profit, they have to develop efficient systems where each worker is doing their part well and in order to do their part well, they must be constantly executing roughly the same set of procedures.
Anybody can execute a given set of procedures with training, but it takes creative thinking to generate what that procedure should be in the first place. Because of that, developing creative thinking skills is one of the quickest ways to get to the top of your respective field because instead of following procedure, you initiate and create it.
For example, let’s say you have an office job of doing repetitive things such as data entry, making copies, running errands etc., and as you’re working, you notice some ways on how you can improve and automate procedures to get things done quicker to save the company time and money.
By utilizing your creative thinking, you can present those ideas and more often than not, if approved by management, YOU will be the one initiating and creating a new set of procedures to follow.
So instead of following the repetitive system that was laid before you, you lead thanks to your creative thinking. You implement your ideas and as you do, you start to absorb new knowledge and experiences that will help you further down the road. You start separating yourself from other people and what this does is it starts to open a whole new set of opportunities.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dr Edward de Bono's Power of Perception

Two Day Open Workshop on Dr Edward de Bono's Power of Perception © 

Workshop Dates & Locations : 23-24 July 2012 in Bangalore | 25-26 July 2012 in Mumbai

Power of Perception™

Clear Thinking & Creativity | Structured Decision Making | Effective Problem Solving

This instructor-led workshop teaches practical tools and includes many useful resources to support you in applying your new techniques. Consider Power of Perception as being "software for the brain." Once you have completed the workshop and the „software' is loaded into your brain, you will be able to „click' on to one of the Power of Perception "icons" to review the tools you've learned and to use them in any situation.
The Power of Perception workshop is designed to work across multiple levels within an organisation. Essentially, anyone who is wrestling with daily decisions, whether business or personal will benefit from the Power of Perception tools.
Workshop Benefits
Wrestling with decisions, too much to do, too little time? A common challenge for most of us, inside and outside of work. But what if you could really focus? Cut out all the distractions and funnel your thoughts until you drill down to the right action? Think how much more you could accomplish. This is exactly what dr Edward de Bono's Power of Perception gives you. With 10 simple strategies for sharpening your perception and focusing your thinking in a more comprehensive way, you will become effective and efficient.
Benefit Includes :
  • clear thinking and creativity
  • structured decision making
  • effective problem solving
Workshop Objectives
Power of Perception trained employees outperform others.
During the workshop you will learn how to:
  • be a strong and confident decision maker
  • quickly and accurately weigh risks against rewards
  • consistently "make the right call"
  • reach optimal solutions more quickly than ever before
  • uncover the hidden opportunities in "problems"
  • use "what if" thinking to avoid costly mistakes
  • look beyond the boundaries of self-limiting perspectives
  • remove obstacles with simple solutions
  • be a visionary
  • thoroughly judge a situation
  • assess all angles of the big picture before making a decision
During the Power of Perception workshop, you will learn and ‘practice, practice, practice' the 10 core Power of Perception tools, which include:

Tool 1 - consequences and sequels look ahead to see the consequences of an action, plan, decision, or rule.
Tool 2 - plus, minus, interesting ensure that all sides of a matter have been considered before a decision or commitment is made.
Tool 3 - recognize, analyse, divide break a larger concept into smaller, more manageable parts.
Tool 4 - consider all factors explore all factors related to an action, decision, plan, judgement, or conclusion.
Tool 5 - aims, goals, objectives focus directly and deliberately on the intentions behind actions.
Tool 6 - alternatives, possibilities, choices deliberately try to find other ways.
Tool 7 - other people's views put yourself in others' shoes.
Tool 8 - key values involved ensure that your thinking serves your values.
Tool 9 - first important priorities select the most important ideas, factors, objectives, consequences, etc.
Tool 10 - design/decision, outcome, channels, action direct attention to the outcome of the thinking and action that follows

Competencies Addressed
POP can help you and your organisation plan, design, re-engineer, create or re-structure products/systems, and introduce a culture for continuous improvement. It can also help you be a visionary, improve on quality of work, effectively lead teams, and accept new responsibilities. By using POP your decisions will be effective in the least amount of time ensuring substantial results for your organisation.

Who Should Attend
  • Managers and executives who require greater levels of innovation and creativity
  • Project / Strategy teams
  • Departmental managers and their teams
  • Individual contributors and teams working in highly competitive or changing environments
visit : or call Ms Sona Shahani +91 98116 30393 +91 11 41629369 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Six Thinking Hats

Thinking performance drives business performance. Most mistakes in business are mistakes in thinking. Decisions are poorly thought through. Risk factors are overlooked. Faulty information is taken as fact. Ideas are killed far too early. Benefits aren’t built into solutions — customers have no idea why they should embrace your new efforts. Changes backfire.
If any of this describes the condition at your company we can help you improve the thinking performance of your employees. The end result for your company:
    • Increases in bottom-line profit.
    • Increases in top-line growth.
    • More time to develop meaningful customer relationships.
    • More time to work on what’s important to develop the business.
    • A happier and more motivated workforce
"the main difficulty with thinking is confusion. We try to do too much at once. Emotions, information, logic, hope and Creativity all crowd in on us. It is like juggling too many balls". - Edward de Bono Six Thinking hats

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lateral Thinking Workshop

8th August New Delhi | 9th August Bangalore | 10th August Mumbai

A course to solve problems that we cannot otherwise solve, create a more innovative organisation, fully utilise our most valuable asset - the minds of our employees

What do businesses need today? A new way of thinking that opens a door they didn’t even know existed. A way of thinking that seeks a solution to an intractable problem through unorthodox methods or elements that would normally be ignored by logical thinking. They need Lateral Thinking™.
Dr. Edward de Bono divides thinking into two methods. He calls one “vertical thinking”, which uses the processes of logic – the traditional, historical method. He calls the other “lateral Thinking”, which involves disrupting an apparent thinking sequence and arriving at the solution from another angle.
Developing breakthrough ideas does not have to be the result of luck or a shotgun effort. Dr. de Bono’s proven Lateral Thinking™ methods provide a deliberate, systematic process that will result in innovative thinking.
Creative thinking is not a talent; it is a skill that can be learned. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities, which improves creativity and innovation, which leads to increased productivity and profit. Today, better quality and better service are essential, but they are not the only engines that will drive lasting, global success.
To learn more about Lateral Thinking workshop and other Edward de Bono Tools programs, and the customised in-house workshops please visit our website or contact Sona Shahani at +919811630393 or 

Upcoming Programs : Train The Trainer Certification 1-3 August Six Thinking Hats Certification | 28-30 August Lateral Thinking Certification
One Day Open Workshop on Six Thinking Hats : 5th Sept New Delhi | 6th Sept Bangalore | 7th Sept Mumbai

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lateral Thinking Workshop

Dr Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking: time tested and proven around the world in over 40 countries

Lateral Thinking: is a deliberate, systematic, step-by-step process designed to uncover powerful new solutions by moving your thinking beyond the predictable. Learn how-to strengthen your business with a steady flow of profitable business ideas, "out-think" the competition. It doesn’t matter what part of the business you are responsible for, or what industry you work in. Most likely you are being asked to deliver more innovative solutions. If you want to improve your business results, this practical tool kit is for you. Please visit us for more information at