Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dr Edward de Bono's Power of Perception

Two Day Open Workshop on Dr Edward de Bono's Power of Perception © 

Workshop Dates & Locations : 23-24 July 2012 in Bangalore | 25-26 July 2012 in Mumbai

Power of Perception™

Clear Thinking & Creativity | Structured Decision Making | Effective Problem Solving

This instructor-led workshop teaches practical tools and includes many useful resources to support you in applying your new techniques. Consider Power of Perception as being "software for the brain." Once you have completed the workshop and the „software' is loaded into your brain, you will be able to „click' on to one of the Power of Perception "icons" to review the tools you've learned and to use them in any situation.
The Power of Perception workshop is designed to work across multiple levels within an organisation. Essentially, anyone who is wrestling with daily decisions, whether business or personal will benefit from the Power of Perception tools.
Workshop Benefits
Wrestling with decisions, too much to do, too little time? A common challenge for most of us, inside and outside of work. But what if you could really focus? Cut out all the distractions and funnel your thoughts until you drill down to the right action? Think how much more you could accomplish. This is exactly what dr Edward de Bono's Power of Perception gives you. With 10 simple strategies for sharpening your perception and focusing your thinking in a more comprehensive way, you will become effective and efficient.
Benefit Includes :
  • clear thinking and creativity
  • structured decision making
  • effective problem solving
Workshop Objectives
Power of Perception trained employees outperform others.
During the workshop you will learn how to:
  • be a strong and confident decision maker
  • quickly and accurately weigh risks against rewards
  • consistently "make the right call"
  • reach optimal solutions more quickly than ever before
  • uncover the hidden opportunities in "problems"
  • use "what if" thinking to avoid costly mistakes
  • look beyond the boundaries of self-limiting perspectives
  • remove obstacles with simple solutions
  • be a visionary
  • thoroughly judge a situation
  • assess all angles of the big picture before making a decision
During the Power of Perception workshop, you will learn and ‘practice, practice, practice' the 10 core Power of Perception tools, which include:

Tool 1 - consequences and sequels look ahead to see the consequences of an action, plan, decision, or rule.
Tool 2 - plus, minus, interesting ensure that all sides of a matter have been considered before a decision or commitment is made.
Tool 3 - recognize, analyse, divide break a larger concept into smaller, more manageable parts.
Tool 4 - consider all factors explore all factors related to an action, decision, plan, judgement, or conclusion.
Tool 5 - aims, goals, objectives focus directly and deliberately on the intentions behind actions.
Tool 6 - alternatives, possibilities, choices deliberately try to find other ways.
Tool 7 - other people's views put yourself in others' shoes.
Tool 8 - key values involved ensure that your thinking serves your values.
Tool 9 - first important priorities select the most important ideas, factors, objectives, consequences, etc.
Tool 10 - design/decision, outcome, channels, action direct attention to the outcome of the thinking and action that follows

Competencies Addressed
POP can help you and your organisation plan, design, re-engineer, create or re-structure products/systems, and introduce a culture for continuous improvement. It can also help you be a visionary, improve on quality of work, effectively lead teams, and accept new responsibilities. By using POP your decisions will be effective in the least amount of time ensuring substantial results for your organisation.

Who Should Attend
  • Managers and executives who require greater levels of innovation and creativity
  • Project / Strategy teams
  • Departmental managers and their teams
  • Individual contributors and teams working in highly competitive or changing environments
visit : or call Ms Sona Shahani +91 98116 30393 +91 11 41629369 

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